Resource Guarding
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How long have you had your dog, and when did the behavior manifest?
What items does your dog guard?
Is there a hierarchy to the guarding? Are some items more valuable?
(If so, which ones?)
Does your dog guard his meals, food bowl, water dish, or feeding area?
Is the behavior more intense in a specific location?
Does your dog guard things that are not actually in his possession?
Is there a time of day or other specific circumstances in which your dog is more likely to guard?
Does your dog guard a specific person or persons from other?
Does your dog guard more intensely or frequently from one specific type of person?
Does your dog guard from other dogs or other pets?
What is your dog's physical reaction if someone approaches when he has a valued possession? Describe the physical display as specifically as possible. 
How closely can someone approach before eliciting a response?
What happens if the person reaches towards the item?
What do family members do when your dog shows this type of reaction?
Has your dog ever been punished for growling or giving warning signs, in this or any other situations?
Would you say the intensity of this behavior has remained consistent, or increased? 
If more intense, since when?
Was there a specific incident or circumstance that preceded or coincided with the increase?
What, if anything, has been done to address this issue?
What have been the results?
Does your dog have issues being handled, picked up, or moved?
Can you offer any other information that might be helpful?
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