Living, Career, Fame and Freedom : Be a Native or Foreign Language Expert

Wordsmith University ( announces hands-on workshop on the theme of the Art, Science and Commerce of becoming a professional translator / interpreter / Cultural Consultant in your native language or learn a foreign language. The

What you will get from the workshop

a. A new line of earning your living and building an alternative career.
b. A way of earning new income - primary or residual
c. To learn a foreign language and work in various sectors like Legal, Tourism, IT, publishing
d. Be a mobile creative - work from anywhere
e. Participate in role play. (offline mode only)
f. A survival skill if your organization finds you unwarranted (involuntary attrition)

Course Details (The Course will be hands-on, intimate and intense)

Teaching Team

Your Lead Teacher Pritam Bhattacharyy's profile can be seen here :, who is Founder-Teacher of Wordsmith University. Few other teachers from other geographies as noted in our panel will join via webinar to share their specific skills and tips.

Venue : Salt Lake City, Calcutta. We shall intimate the location later on.

Date : 17th January 2015 (SATURDAY) / 10 am to 5 pm

Fee : INR 2400 - This includes lunch, unlimited tea, coffee and snacks. It is winter after all and we do not want you to doze after our famous lunch !

On-line format

The course's online format will be via webinar and will be 2.5 hours of duration. The online format will be essentially same in terms of content with the off-line workshop except real time role play. Time and date will be decided by mutual convenience of participants and teachers. Fee will be $ 30 per person.


In addition to the training, you shall have a complimentary copy of Wordsmith Book of Business - a manual written like a novel by Pritam on his journey in the domain of translation and translation business based Life-Designing.

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