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How I rate ERP's client services
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How I'd love to see ERP improve
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My thoughts on ERP's social media representation, people representation, and brand identity
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I am excited to go on an ERP retreat
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I'd love to go to client socials hosted by ERP
I'd love to see ERP more integrated with the community by (doing, offering, initiating...)
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I'd love it if ERP helped to keep me accountable to a regular workout schedule
This would involve occasional emails or text messages to check in to see how you're doing and to help motivate you.
I'd like to see ERP introduce a referral rewards program
Do you know of any great apps, software, or ways to do this? Let us know what you're interested in and how you'd like to be rewarded? What kinds of rewards excite you?
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I wish ERP had a studio location in...
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