Keisha Lance Bottoms
Responses to the ThreadATL Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire, 2017
Parking question
ThreadATL: "The ubiquity of free/cheap parking is considered a threat to walkable cities and to the competitiveness of public transit. Are there parking-management strategies, or zoning changes, that you would put in place to decrease automobile dependence and increase walkability?"


I would consider the creation of a Parking Authority to better examine and address this issue. However, Atlanta has to become a more transit friendly and walkable city in order to decrease our automobile dependency. This will entail working with all stakeholders to expand sidewalks and rapid transit throughout all major corridors.

Invest Atlanta Question
ThreadATL: "As mayor, you’ll have significant control over Invest Atlanta. Luring companies through tax incentives and the issuance of bonds is a chance for us to invest in good urban design, walkability and the reduction of car dependence in our office developments. What can you do to guarantee this happens with Invest Atlanta projects?"


I look forward to working with Invest Atlanta and our business leaders to create the most effective strategy for attracting businesses into the city and will make it known my desire to continue an aggressive approach to attracting companies to Atlanta.

Streetcar Question
NOTE: The streetcar question was not answered by Bottoms, which is most likely a formatting error (all the questions were obviously put into a Word document for her to answer, likely by a staffer) rather than a refusal to answer.
Gulch Question
NOTE: The Gulch question also was not answered by Bottoms, which is most likely a formatting error (all the questions were obviously put into a Word document for her to answer, likely by a staffer) rather than a refusal to answer.
Bus Lanes Question
ThreadATL: "In the interest of improving transit coverage along major bus corridors and in other areas not served by heavy rail, do you support dedicated, transit-only lanes for buses, even if it means reallocating existing roadway space from cars?"


I generally support this concept, but an overall policy would need to be thoroughly vetted with input from MARTA and the impacted communities.

Small Retail Question
ThreadATL: "Economic challenges for brick-and-mortar retailers creates instability for neighborhoods when large “anchor” chains disappear, leaving blighted spaces behind. What policies will you seek to assure that developments include retail spaces that are not too large to be reused, in the event the large anchor tenant leaves?"


Many of our new projects within the city are created with smaller neighborhood storefronts in mind. I will continue to work with our Department of Planning to ensure that all approved projects are based upon not just our current, but anticipated community wants and needs.

Preservation Question
ThreadATL: "New developments in our neighborhoods can result in the loss of buildings that hold cultural or historic significance. What policies would you support that would preserve the historical built identity of the city in the midst of new growth?"


Redevelopment should never be at the expense of the historical fabric of our communities. I will support aggressive input from the Department of Planning, impacted neighborhoods, as well as other stakeholders to help preserve the historical identity of Atlanta.

Safe Walking to MARTA Question
ThreadATL: "Walking to a bus or rail transit station in Atlanta should be a thing that you want to do — not a dangerous chore that you do only when you have no other choice. How will you help the city partner with MARTA to strengthen pedestrian infrastructure around bus stops and rail stations?"


I will continue to strongly advocate and work with MARTA to expand heavy and light rail throughout the City, as well as other stakeholders to expand sidewalks, bike lanes and walking trails throughout Atlanta.

I will also seek creative solutions to address our transit funding issues. For example, I will call upon the ARC and MARTA to explore working with private rail line owners for the use of commercial rail lines by our transit system. Work will also continue on the infrastructure improvements currently taking place and I will work to ensure the expansion of rail and sidewalks throughout Atlanta. 

Neighborhood Master Plan Question
ThreadATL: "The car-centric Fuqua development under construction at 17th Street and Northside Drive runs counter to the Loring Heights master-plan’s call for a walkable, neighborhood-focused center of activity in this property. How will you ensure that developments respect neighborhood master plans and the work that residents have put into them?"


I will call upon our Department of Planning to consider the input of all stakeholders before approving any projects within the city.

Affordable Housing Question
ThreadATL: "How will you increase the availability and accessibility of good-quality new housing that is affordable for a variety of household sizes, including owners and renters?"


I will work with our non-profit and corporate leaders to expand the Displacement Free Zones that I called upon the City to create. I will also require, just as I did with the sale of property around Turner Field, that projects seeking public support, have a percentage designated for long-term affordable and workforce housing.

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