YouTube Surgical Guidelines International Collaborative Study
Dear all,

Thank you for expressing interest to join this international study. We are a team of clinicians / researchers from Singapore and we are glad to have you join the team.

Brief description of study:
This study aims to develop an international guideline for surgical videos posted on YouTube. Currently, there are no clear consensus on the components of a surgical training video uploaded on YouTube. Studies have shown that majority of the videos uploaded are of poor quality.

Study timeline:
- Literature review - Feb - Mar
- Study design - Feb - Mar
- Formation of consensus panel - Late Mar - Start of May
- Design of consensus statements - Late Mar - End May
- Decision on consensus statements using the Delphi method - June
- Revision of initial statements - June - July
- Decision on revised consensus statements - July
- Development of guidelines and writing of manuscript - Late July - August

1. Be part of the consensus statement panel team (at least 2 representatives from each country) - we are aiming for at least 15 countries to be involved
2. (optional) Engage a supervisor to be part of the team as well - we are aiming for a total of 5 supervisors

Study Contact:
Chan Kai Siang, MBBS,

Principal Investigator:
A/Prof Vishal G Shelat, MBBS, FRCS, MCI
Senior Consultant
Hepato-pancreatico-biliary Surgery
Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore
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