Join the Way Forward to support local and county candidates who share our values
It’s time to put an end to this political nightmare!

Welcome to the 2019 election season. This is what they call an off-off-year election. No big deal, right?


While it's not a Presidential election, there are a number of positions that are very important. They include:
• six Owen J. Roberts school board members,
• five Phoenixville Area School District board members,
• two Chester County Commissioners,
• two Judges of Common Pleas,
• the county DA,
• the Sheriff,
• plus the Prothonotary, the Register of Wills and the Recorder of Deeds.

Most of us voted dutifully in past elections, just like you. But we were never actively involved in politics until 2016. Like you, we feel an urgent need to do whatever it takes to ensure that 2016 never happens again.

How do we do that? Build from the bottom up. The county and local elections are so important, not only because they help shape our daily lives, but also because they greatly influence national policies. This includes things like gun control, health care, clean air and water, climate change, human rights, school funding, immigration, and more. Today both the State and Chester County are dominated by Republicans that fight against much of what we care about. Pennsylvania is regularly rated one of the five worst states in the nation for government ineffectiveness and corruption.

At The Way Forward we’ve decided to take positive steps to get Democratic candidates elected. To win, we'll need all hands on deck. We will engage in direct canvassing, phone calling and post card writing throughout the month of October. (Door-to-door canvassing has been proven, again and again, to be the most effective way of getting people to the polls.) If you’ve never done it we’ll teach you and work with you. Our audience in October will be friendly as we’ll be encouraging “lazy” Dems. to vote on November 5th.

To be successful, we need you!
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All canvasses except the one scheduled for Oct. 24 will start from Franklin Commons, room 228. If you've been to one of the recent Way Forward meetings, you know where this is. If you haven't, visit:

for directions.
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