2019 Camp Family Feedback
Camp Sonshine desires to always be improving programs and processes to best serve families and the community. Please fill out the following questions to the best of your ability.
What DAY CAMP program(s) did your camper(s) participate in? *
What OVERNIGHT CAMP program(s) did your camper(s) participate in? *
How likely is it that you would recommend Camp Sonshine - Nebraska to a friend or colleague? *
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Extremely likely
Let the Counselors know that they are making an impact! Please leave a note of encouragement or thanks for your child(ren)'s counselor? (Please provide counselor's name)
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Please let us know how important each of the following areas are to you when making your decision to register for Camp Sonshine/Solaris. *
Extremely Important
Very Important
Moderatly Important
Slightly Important
Ages Groups Available
Well-Trained Counselors/Staff
Activities Offered
Outdoor Camp Experience
Cost of Camp
Is there another area that helped in making your decision to register for Camp Sonshine/Solaris that we missed?
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In what areas and to what degree do you believe your camper experienced growth and positive change because of his/her experience at Camp Sonshine/Solaris:
No change
Some differences
Lots of Growth
New Kid - Transformed
Ability to build relationships
Increase in faith & spiritual growth
Collaborate with others for common good or shared goals
Overall mood & motivations
Identified and socialized with individuals
Relationships & interaction with siblings
Demonstrate stewardship
Ability to go with our technology
Attitude towards parents & authority
Which of the following best describes your family. *
Where do you get news about events/activities in your community? Check all that apply. *
Regarding detailed camper schedules, what would be the best way for you to see what your camper is up to during their week? *
Would you be interested in using Camp Sonshine's bus transportation to and/or from camp? If yes, please leave a suggestion on location for a bus stop that would be convenient for you and your family.
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Did you download the "Camp Sonshine Go!" app? *
What parts of the app did you find useful? (Choose all that apply.)
What would you like to see added to or removed from "Camp Sonshine Go!" to make it better or more helpful to you? (If applicable)
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In what capacity did you use Waldo Photos this summer?
How likely are you to utilize Waldo Photo Service at Camp Sonshine in the future? *
Not likely at all
Extremely likely
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