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I give permission for my student to participate in this ministry area. In case of an emergency, every attempt will be made to contact me and/or my emergency contact. If contact cannot be made, I give my permission to Vinje Lutheran Church staff and/or volunteers to secure proper medical treatment. I understand that I am financially responsible for medical care and/or transportation costs incurred on my student's behalf. I release Vinje Lutheran Church staff and volunteers from any liability arising out of any accidents and/or injuries, and I agree NOT to hold Vinje Lutheran Church responsible for any such accidents or injuries. Do you agree to this statement? *
I grant permission for my child to be photographed/videotaped in conjunction with the children/youth ministry at Vinje Lutheran Church. I understand that these photos/clips may appear in Vinje publications/website or be released for publicity in the local newspaper. I understand that, when appearing in external publication, names will not be published with the photo/video. Do you agree to this statement? *
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