Abstract Submission - BImBS 2019 - BioInformatics meets BioSimulations in protein and DNA studies: from theory to practice
When entering your abstract online, please respect the CECAM formatting.
For Speaker and co-author affiliation use: Name of Institution, Town, Country in English if possible.
If the affiliation of the co-autor(s) is different see example below:
John Doe [1], Mary Smith[2], Peter Davis[3]

[1] University of London, United Kingdom
[2] University of Califormia, USA
[3] Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany

Titles Only the first word is in capital i.e. 'Calculation of optical properties of nanostructures from first principles'. This goes for titles in the Program and in the abstract or poster.

References must be written as follow: [1] H.N Rojas, R.W. Godby and R.S. Needs, Phys. Rev. Lett. 74 1827 (1995) and for books i.e. [2] G. P. Srivastava, 'The Physics of phonons', Taylor & Francis Group, NewYork (1990).
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