Ignium Academy: Registrations for 2021
Hello! Welcome to Ignium Academy's registration form. Registration of classes and booking of slots for various programs are now open. For the year 2021, We have opened up an extensive scope of subjects for both Primary and Secondary levels.

2021 is special for Ignium as we have decided to open up more classes to cater all students. We now offer English classes for Primary levels and included subjects such as POA (Principal of Accounts), Chemistry and Physics for secondary students!

To ensure that we have sufficient students to make learning effective, please kindly fill up the form below. If should you prefer a specific schedule/time for a certain subject; please kindly indicate it below.

Our friendly admins will contact you at the soonest to confirm the classes you have signed up for your child!
For more information, please contact us at 86958496 (whatsapp).

Thank you!
2021 PHYSICAL class schedule
2021 VIRTUAL class schedule
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Please indicate your preferred timing below (IN THIS FORMAT: Level_Subject_Time, e.g. P1_Maths_3:30-5:30). *Please note that the timings you have indicated is NOT guaranteed. We will try our best to arrange for a class.
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