Core Burn Submission - Alchemy 2016
What are the build requirements?

+Must fit on 30”x30” pallet, we are using a pallet move to move the art structures for burn time.

+Must be burnable using non-treated wood or other safe burnable material. If in question, please ask.

+We recommend preassembly or quick build onsite. We don’t want construction happening on Friday in the main field. Your design should be easy to put together on site.

+No taller than 8ft high

+Secured and guided if absolutely necessary

+We recommend you make a sign to represent your theme camp.


+If you are approved, you must be responsive to the Art Team Leads checking in on your project.

+You must use the funded $100 on your project.

+You must bring your project to Alchemy 2016. Figuring out transportation is something you must do. If you run into issues, be proactive with communicating with the Art Team Leads.

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