Back to the Battlefield Feedback
We're reaching out to you directly to get a feel for how the player base feels regarding combat after the launch of our update, Back to the Battlefield. We've given some time to let the changes settle and now we want to know where you think we should go from here.

All of these questions past the first section are optional and may be skipped if you do not feel like you have an answer or it does not apply.

This form requires sign-in to prevent multiple responses and allow response editing, but we do NOT collect your e-mail and the response is entirely anonymous.
Have you read the published documentation on the changes?
This is just for additional insight on your response to the following two questions.
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What is your main character?
Do you play other races?
What is your preferred play style?
Please enter a short response along the lines of 'glass cannon', 'melee brawler', 'tank', 'DPS', 'epic soloer', and so on.
What is your highest rating character?
How long have you played Istaria in years?
For less than one year, please write '0'.
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