AT&S Lithuania 2017 feedback
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1. How satisfied are you with following activities that took place in Lithuania? *
Please assess it on following scale.
Very satisfied
Very dissatisfied
Welcoming, meet and greet
School Lunches
Management team meeting
Informal meetings
2. Please assess the following factors of project week in Lithuania and the impact it had on you. *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
The program of project meeting was very connected to our project topic and aims
I participated with full energy and my own contribution to the success of our meeting was very big
The agenda & meeting the stated objectives of the event, agreed in the project working plan were respected
I fully understand the next steps of the project
I know much better all the project management team members and we can achieve better results in communication with each other and it plays an important positive role in the future cooperation
Increased knowledge about Lithuanian educational system
3. How satisfied are you with the quality of information and communication provided by the organizers prior to the meeting? *
4. How do you assess the organizing aspects of the project meeting in Lithuania (programs, schedule, was everything like planned etc)? *
5. How satisfied are you with the accommodation?
6. How satisfied are you with the working environment during Lithuanian project meeting? *
7. Please describe the importance of the impact of the project-meeting had to your knowledge and thoughts about the main topics of this meeting? *
8. What was the thing you most liked during the project week and the thing you most disliked (if such kind of thing at all was for you) *
As the answer to this question is required, if you didn't like or dislike anything :), just wrote it please also.
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9. Here in the box you can write everything that was not asked, but you want to add (e.g. to make some suggestions for future Learning Activities)
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