BC must support ALL workers, especially hourly workers!
To Fr. William Leahy, SJ and the Board of Trustees of Boston College,

As the Boston College campus continues to move university operations off-campus in response to the COVID-19 crisis, many graduate workers and other university employees face economic precarity due to possible reduced pay or unemployment, especially those who earn a living from hourly work. This uncertainty and anxiety stems directly from the lack of an affirmative commitment by the Boston College administration to ensuring its employees’ livelihood in the coming months. In particular, the BC leadership has not acted to support the economic well-being and security of its hourly workers, including but not limited to hourly graduate assistants. The administration has acted without transparency, and without consulting those most affected by the crisis. It has failed to address its obligation to the hundreds of BC employees who now face economic hardship and insecurity while living in one of the nation's most expensive cities.

We therefore demand,

-- That the BC administration guarantee continued pay and benefits for all salaried, stipended, and hourly employees of the university, including graduate workers, at the same level as before the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis; and

-- That the BC administration pay hourly workers at a level at least equal to their regular work schedule prior to the campus closure, independent of any changes in work duties due to the COVID-19 crisis; and

-- That the BC administration guarantee that any employee - including graduate workers - will be allowed to work away from campus upon request without loss of pay or benefits; and

-- That the BC administration guarantee sufficient sick time, family/medical leave, and health benefits to all employees so that no worker has to choose between their financial well-being and the safety of our community; and

-- That the BC administration include elected representatives of its workers in any conversations and negotiations that affect the stability and security of said workers; and

-- That the BC administration recognizes and negotiates with the Boston College Graduate Employee Union-UAW (BCGEU-UAW), both to address the needs of graduate workers during this current crisis, but also toward a union contract for graduate workers.

Boston College has the resources to meet these demands, and as a Jesuit institution, it also has the moral obligation to do so.

The Boston College Graduate Employee Union-UAW Organizing Committee and the undersigned supporters of this petition.
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