Town of Edgartown Recreation Area Survey
How many children do you bring to use the Rec Area? *
What ages are the children? *
Did you purchase a Robinson Road Recreation Family Pass this past summer? *
Did you receive information from the school your child/ children attends regarding the family passes and the programs available? *
How do you prefer to receive information about Town run programs for children? *
Do you feel the price of the passes is fair ($50/ per family)? *
What areas / equipment do your children enjoy using the most? *
What equipment / attractions would you like to see?
What programs do your children participate in? *
What programs would you like to see offered that are not currently offered?
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Due to ADA regulations, the ground must be poured in plastic (PIP) or woodchips. Which do you prefer in the playground equipment area? *
Do you prefer separate equipment for children under 2? *
Additional comments or requests:
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