Ministry of Football
For questions, please contact: Mark Carter  07772 716 876

Please complete this consent form in full, as accurately as possible. We need to know these details in order to look after your child, and in order to contact you if we need to.

This form needs to be completed once for each child. If you have more than one child at MoF, you will need to complete a separate form for each child.

For more details on how we use this data, please visit:
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Name of child (first name and surname) *
Names of parents *
Email address(es) of parents *
We will use these email addresses to send you regular and important information about the programme your child enrols in. Please include all email addresses that you would like this information sent to. If you include more than one email address, please separate them with a comma.
Mobile phone and home phone numbers of parents (07123 456 789 format please) *
Please include all numbers you want us to send programme information to (we usually use email, but there may be times when we use text message as well)
Child's date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY  format please) *
Child's school
This information is helpful to us so we can see which schools the MoF children mostly attend
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