NABS 2021 Summit Committee Interest Form
We are happy for your interest as a member of the NABS 2021 Summit Committee. Below you will find the Member Requirements for participation along with a list of sub-committees that will advise and contribute to the success of the 2021 NABS Summit. Please read the Summit Committee Member Requirements, provide the requested contact information and select a sub-committee that you would be willing to actively participate.

Summit Committee Member Requirements
Dives and Non-Divers as indicated on NABS membership may be a members of the sub-committees.

General Requirements:
1. Access to a computer and internet.
2. Access to and proficient with Microsoft and Google products.
3. Available for monthly conference calls, then weekly starting approximately 60 days prior to the Summit.
4. Comfortable accepting assignments and following through to completion/deliver.
5. Aptitude for details and understanding the overall objective and goals (big picture) of the Summit.
6. Willing and able to provide on-site support and time, as needed, during the summit.
7. Attended a prior NABS Summit. (Helpful to understand what Summit diving involves.)
8. Comfortable signing a Confidentiality Agreement.
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