Chingshin English Debate Open 2021 Registration Form - Team Captain
[Basic info]

Date: April 10-11, 2021
Venue: Physical Debate at Chingshin Academy
Address: 臺北市興隆路二段46號
Timezone: Taipei (UTC + 08)

Debaters must be students who study in schools in Taiwan and study in grades 7 - 12.


Modified World Schools style:
- Each team consists of 3 speakers.
- Each substantive speech lasts 6 minutes.
- Each reply speech lasts 4 minutes.
- Points of Information (POIs) are allowed between the 1st and 5th minute.

[Prepared Motions]

Round 1:
Infoslide: In vaccine testing, there are three phases of human trials after the treatment has shown promise on lab animals. Phase 1 tests the effects on 20 to 100 healthy people, Phase 2 tests the effects on a few hundred people, and Phase 3 tests hundreds or thousands of people with different conditions. The purpose of these trials is to identify side effects and efficacy of the vaccine on many people with varied health concerns.
Motion: In developing countries heavily affected by COVID-19, THBT it is in the interest of governments to release all vaccines that have passed “Phase 1” of testing.

Round 4: TH, as the African Union, would aim to implement a continental-wide common currency.

Grand Final: THW grant automatic citizenship to refugees displaced by the effects of climate change to a country of their choice.

[Breaking Eligibility]

Junior category: For teams with 3 speakers at grade 7-9
Open category: For teams with at least 1 speaker at grade 10 or above

[Registration Fee]

Early bird (Until Mar. 5): NT$1,400 /debater
Regular (Before Mar. 19): NT$1,600 /debater

[Registration Process]

Teams can be registered in the following two categories
School teams: Teams that are registered by a school representative/debate coach. Each debater has to study in the same school.
Personal teams: Teams which are not registered by schools. Composite teams (debaters from different schools) are allowed.

Phase 1: School Teams slot requests (~Mar. 5)
Only school’s representative/debate coach can register. A maximum of 4 teams can be secured at this stage. We will inform you immediately upon receiving your request.

Phase 2: School & Personal Teams slot requests (Mar. 6~Mar. 19)
Personal teams can now start requesting slots, though please note that registration during this period of time will be charged the regular fee, and will be notified of your admission status between Mar. 22~Mar. 23.

Phase 3: Payment
Once a team slot is granted, the team captain will be notified by E-mail regarding payment details between Mar. 22~Mar. 23. Teams can only pay between Mar. 24 ~ Mar. 25. Please note that teams who have not finished this process before Mar. 25 will be disqualified.

Phase 4: Personal details
After the payment has been confirmed via email, the team captain will be sent a form which each individual member on the team should fill in with personal details during Mar. 27~Mar. 29. One person should submit one form independently.

[Refund policy]

No refund will be made after payment.

If the tournament is canceled, full refund will be made.

[Tournament Capacity]

16 to 30 teams, with slots granted on first-come-first-served basis.
If less then 16 teams finished the registration process by Mar. 19, the tournament will be cancelled.
Each school will only have four guaranteed teams. Whether extra slots will be granted will be notified by Mar. 23.

[Adjudication Core]

Chief Adjudicator: Jeff Tsai
Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Chi Chi Tsai, Ted Chang


Hosted by: Chingshin Acadamy


Each participant is required to wear school uniforms to enter Chingshin Academy, and please wear a mask.
Lunch will be provided.
For more details, please read


Convener, Andrew Kuo:
Section Director of International Education Center, Vicky Hu:
Director of International Education Center, Suwei Wang:
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