2021 Registration half-hour race or 1-hour race
This registration form is mostly in English. Please, translate the text by yourself when needed.

Due to the Corona restrictions we need more information than before. Please fill in your data correctly. We aim for a better atomization of signing-in procedures and your completeness helps.

Be aware of the Time table of the races at the Saturday evening and the information bulletin.

Website RIT: https://www.radboud-inlineskating.nl/radboud-international-tournament/
link information bulletin: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wx6qz8k0Wcoq4QpePBNpJSPG_XeLjmsHtTte-5ShrX0/edit?usp=sharing
Link pdf RIT racing program: https://www.radboud-inlineskating.nl/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Wedstrijdprogramma-RIT-2021-v20210606_2-TOTAAL.pdf
Email *
Saturday evening program, day 2
Team name: *
Lap counter First name + Surname: (For example: parent, trainer, mother in law? or another person) *
For every team there will be special teamnumbers (1A-1F, 2A-2F, etc.)
If possible, wear the same skinsuits to act like a team.
The teamnumbers pick-up will be available from 17:00h by the referee. (Please, bring strong pins by yourself)
Which race is your inscription for: *
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