Connecting @ Home Series – Host Application
Introducing 'Connecting @ Home Series': a brand-new way for Americans & Israelis to form a community, share an experience, & be #BetterTogether.

Each session, of this 4-part series (with a potential 5th "reunion" session), lasts roughly 60 minutes. There will be a training session on Monday, May 18 in the AM. Each session will require a few minutes of "prep work" before and and after.

If you are applying to be a host, you are someone who is a...

- Strong facilitator with proven experience
- Natural connector of people – this is all about building new community
- "Pusher" – you know the line between pushing people outside their comfort zone and being uncomfortable
- Fun! This requires someone who can bring the fun to a new group
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As hosts, facilitation is really important to build these communities. Please tell us about a time that you successfully facilitated a conversation with a group. *
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Timing & Duration
Each session of the series should be about 60 minutes. These sessions will take place four times; there is the option to have two sessions per week through our two-week program or one session a week through our four four-week program.
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Which times would work for you for our weekly or biweekly sessions? If you selected the twice per week option, please make sure to select times on both days. *
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About You
While putting the groups together we will take into consideration different demographics/interests of the participants, please let us know a little bit about you!
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If you are not a host for this program, would you be interested in joining as a participant? *
Privacy Policy
By submitting this form, I agree to the terms and conditions contained by Shorashim's audio and video recording policy.
The #BetterTogether program is designed as a platform for sharing ideas and activities. Shorashim is not responsible for the ideas and thoughts expressed, the content provided, or the safety of any activities modeled during #BetterTogether programs. Consult a doctor or medical professional prior to engaging in any physical activities, and ensure adult supervision of any children participating in activities.
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