Week 7 Quiz
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A Parallel-Plate Capacitor consists of plates of area 1.5x10^-4 square meters and separated by 1.0 mm. The capacitor is connected to a 12-V battery. What is the electric field between the plates? *
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Two parallel plates, separated by 0.20 m, are connected to a 12-V battery. An electron is released from rest at a location 0.10 m from the negative plate. When the electron arrives at a distance 0.05 from the positive plate, what is the speed of the electron? *
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A 12-V battery is connected to a 100 Ohm resistor. How many electrons flow through the wire in 1.0 min? *
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What is the maximum number of different resistance values obtainable by using three resistors, if all three need not be used? *
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