Rosella's Radiance Ambassador Resumè
Please answer all the questions below with ALL honest answers. Please ensure that you have read the Ambassador Contract BEFORE submitting and answering the questions below. You will be contacted within two weeks of submitting your Resumè. We look for personality & keep in mind, the more social media plugs the better! Even personal social media accounts work too! Also, keep in mind that we do not discriminate against profiles, followers, or personal traits of any of our applicants. Have fun with this form! We look forward to getting to know you!
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Are you apart of any other Ambassador Programs currently or in the past? If so, which brands? (If none, write N/A. This will not interfere with choosing you as an ambassador!) *
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What can you offer for our brand? Why should we choose you to represent our brand? What are your goals with this program? *
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We strive to give our Brand Ambassadors the best of treatment and experience. Please let us know what you expect from Rosella's Radiance, being apart of our program. *
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I am willing to abide by the rules enforced by Rosella's Radiance as I have read and understood the Ambassador Contract, and what it means to stay in good-standing with their expectations for their brand growth. *
I understand that in order to remain an ambassador of Rosella's Radiance, that I must have at least 3 orders produced under my given coupon code promoted within the first 3 months. *
I understand that it is not at all, under any circumstance acceptable to claim any of Rosella's Radiance's products as my own, and failure to abide (or to take credit for) any provided good will count as a major legal fallacy on my behalf. *
I understand that I am solely responsible for making or not making revenue through my given promotions, and that Rosella's Radiance does not tamper or interfere with any sales made under my behalf. *
I understand the importance of meeting the minimum requirements for posting to my social media accounts, and failure to meet the minimum postings will result in an immediate warning, then (if further violation), expulsion of all my ambassador perks and the program. *
I understand the levels in which I can move up (or down) in this ambassador program, based on the revenue I acquire through my promotions of Rosella's Radiance products. *
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