2019 Future Float Center Questionnaire
Thanks for taking a break from your float center planning to fill us in on your progress. Let's get some statistics to show how fast this industry is growing!

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A CENTER, please fill out this questionnaire instead: https://forms.gle/7s6rR4CPwLpD9UTY8

Where will your center be located?
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How did you first hear about floating?
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How long ago was your first float?
Where do you plan on finding funding?
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How many float tanks do you plan on having in your center?
When do you plan on having your float tank(s) up and running?
If you're opening a new business, how much are you anticipating it will cost to start your center?
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Do you plan on offering any other forms of alternative wellness?
What percentage of your location’s revenue each month do you expect to come from floating?
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