Post Assessment "The Why Behind Experiences & Gee Whiz" (4/6/21)
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True or False... If you do not know the "why" (goals) behind an experience you plan for children, then you probably should not be doing it. *
10 points
There are 10 developmental areas that are important to address in any early childhood program. Which of these is NOT a developmental area? *
10 points
Why does the Gee Whiz curriculum utilize picture symbols for each area of development? *
10 points
Which of the following would be an example of how a child might demonstrate Logic & Reasoning? *
10 points
Which of the following would be an example of how a child might demonstrate Literacy Knowledge? *
10 points
When children play with playdough, which is NOT an area of development that would be likely to be addressed? Choose the most likely answer. *
10 points
When children play outdoors ... running, climbing, riding ... they address which of the following developmental areas? *
10 points
Too often, parents/guardians want to see "worksheets" or "papers" coming home to know that their child is learning. How can understanding the link between developmental areas and activities help you address this issue? *
10 points
In your opinion (there is not right or wrong answer), which area of development do you think you address the most each day and which do you think you address the least? *
How do you plan to use the information you learned during this webinar as you plan future activities and learning experiences for your group? *
If you have feedback for the Gee Whiz team about this webinar, please feel free to provide it here. We would love to hear from you! *
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