Wikipedia Library Check-in Survey for Past Masters
How useful do you find access to Past Masters in creating content for Wikimedia Projects?
Not useful
Very useful
About how often are you accessing this resource?
About how many times have you cited this resource?
What do you think are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of this resource?
Your answer
Are you using your Wikipedia Library access to contribute to Wikipedias other than English?
If yes, select the language(s). If no, select 'only English'
Which types of source(s) do you wish The Wikipedia Library gave you more access to?
Do you have a specific source that you would like to have access to through the Wikipedia Library?
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Which of the following TWL-related programs are you aware of?
Check all that you have used, consulted or were aware was available to you as a Wikipedia editor.
Is there anything else The Wikipedia Library could be doing to be more effective?
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