JWP Gen Con GM Survey (2017)
Hello friends of John Wick Presents and fans of 7th Sea!

We're looking for some more GMs to run games for us at Gen Con (August 17-20). We have a boat-load (a pirate ship's load?) of games going throughout each day and we need your help to make them awesome.

Here's how this works: we'll provide all the materials you need to run the game, including fancy pregens and materials to support the adventure, and you'll run awesome games. We'll also provide training (via Skype) before the convention to make sure you're familiar with the system and are ready to knock your players' socks off.

Any GM who runs at least one game gets a free copy of a 7th Sea book as a thank you for your help. If you run at least four games, we'll also cover your badge for the convention (or a refund if you've already bought a badge) and you get a complimentary Pirate's Booty box filled with dice, tokens, a Hero/Villain deck, and a Sorte deck!

We are also planning a lunch social with John, the rest of the 7th Sea team, and the GMs. More details to come!

So... ready to make your players feel Heroic?

-- Monte Lin, GM Coordinator

P.S. If you have a friend who might be interested in GMing, feel free to forward them the email. The more the merrier!

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