Outstanding Snowmobile Club

Nominations valid only if properly completed and submitted by a BCSF member in good standing. The winners from each category will be forwarded to the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) nomination committee for inclusion in the Canadian Snowmobile Excellence Awards, presented at the Annual International Snowmobile Congress.

A member club must have been affiliated with the BCSF during the previous and current season to receive consideration for the BCSF Excellence Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Club

Only one nominee/club per submission permitted.

The recipient of this award must be a member club with the BCSF that has distinguished itself in the following areas: management, trail development, grooming and quality, safety, environment, promotion and development and community outreach.

SUPPORTING DOCS - admin@bcsf.org:

Please email a minimum of 3 photos to accompany the nomination; you may also attach other documentation that you feel will be useful for a proper evaluation of the nominee, i.e. videos, testimonials, magazine/newspaper articles, etc. The more information that is provided will assist the committee to select the best qualified individual/organization.

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How many members are currently in the club? Has the membership increased over the past year? What does the club do to bring in new members? *
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How many kilometers of trail does the club maintain and have they developed or expanded the trail system in the past 12 months? *
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Describe how the club promotes safe and responsible riding for members and non members. *
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Outline any activities the club has done in the past year to promote a positive image that snowmbilers' care about the environment. *
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What are the three most important events organized by this club or association in the previous or current season to promote the club or the region? Please provide details on how these projects or events support and promote snowmobiling with in the community. Provide details and specific examples in the last 12 months. *
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