2022 Sask Winter Games - (Futsal Team Staff Application)
Application for those interested in Coaching or Managing a District Soccer Team for the 2022 Sask Winter Games in Regina.
Application Deadline: *March 15th, 2021

The coach-athlete relationship is a privileged one and plays a critical role in the personal, sport, and athletic development of the athlete. Coaches must understand and respect the inherent power imbalance that exists in this relationship and must be careful not to abuse it, consciously or unconsciously. 

Coach Expectations: 
• Set a positive example for their athletes by compliance with all policies, rules and standards of conduct; 
• Act in the best interest of the athletes’ development as a whole person, avoiding all unsafe and unacceptable circumstances, and seeking advice of appropriate medical personnel before deciding if an injured athlete is to resume competition; 
• Supervise and be responsible for, the conduct of their athletes during the Saskatchewan Games including transportation to and from the Games; 
• Responsible for implementing discipline for an athlete who violates the Code of Conduct. 

Lead up to the Games:
-Promotion of the Games and of all Futsal events in the sport District
-Attend all pre-game meetings and events hosted by the game's council or PSGB
-Understanding the sport technical package, paying special attention to the district athlete eligibility requirements 
-Organization and delivery of Player ID & Evaluations events (ID Camps) 
-Establish a clear and fair player selection process 
-Organize pre-games training and preparations

At the Games:
-Coaches / Managers must travel with the team to and from the host community on the designated transportation 
-All coaches and managers must stay in the athletes’ village with their teams to ensure the safety and well-being of their teams; 
-Coaches along with the support of the Team Manager will supervise their teams during their stay in the host community; 
-Attend the scheduled coaches /managers meeting; 
-Ensure the athletes’ accommodations are kept neat and clean
-Upon leaving ensure the designated room is clean and free from any willful damages; 
-Be part of the district team participation in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and ensure everyone is dressed in the designated walk out uniform. 

Administration and Managerial Responsibilities:
In cooperation with the PSGB and District, confirm dates and locations for player ID Camps with those involved in your sport district
Organize and implement the District team selection process including: 
-Arrange for facility booking
-Player registration for the district ID Camps
-Collect appropriate fees
-Submit final selections and roster submissions to SSA January 5th, 2022
-Announcement of Final Rosters January 7th, 2022

Recruit a manager who will assist in team management and operation
Provide logistical support to the teams once chosen  
On-line registration (Details to be provided) 
Provide team members with information applicable to the team’s participation in the Games, including transportation, or staging events; 

Ensure ongoing communication with the Provincial Technical Liaison related to: 
-Listing of clubs, members and /or schools within the district who may be eligible to participate in the district selection 
-Confirm what financial resources may be available for conducting the district selection.

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