Participate in Private-Sale of $Bitcomint Token.      Sign up Whitelist or Write to Us via Telegram !                         A Sign up now gets you Bonus Tokens on your Investment @ 'Bitcomint Validated Projects' !                                                             TOKEN SALE PERIOD - Jan 01 – Feb 28, 2022
Exclusive Whitelisted Investors with an Investment of US$10K & Above  : Get upto 25% Bonus Tokens  -
TOKEN SALE PERIOD Jan 1 – Feb 28, 2022
You can estimate the amount of BONUS Tokens you get @ This Exclusive Whitelisted Sale
Invest Min US$ 1000  / Get 1250 Tokens ( Bonus Tokens Worth 250 US$ )
Invest Min US$ 2500 / Get  3125 Tokens ( Bonus Tokens Worth 625 US$ )
Read more about Bitcomint Ventures, its tokenized projects and benefits of Investing ( Tokenized Project info )
Projects to Invest
1) Digloo Global Real Estate 
2) Bitcomint Ventures ( Metaverse / NFT Fund )

Minimum Investment applicable for Private Sale is 1000 US$ and above
✅✅✅ For investors above $10 000, you can get an invite to our private sale and reserve your BITCOMINT tokens by messaging at 👉 / or email :

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🔵🔵🔵 If you want to invest in Liquidity Pools of BNB/BTM @ Pancakeswap and Earn 'CAKE' Token Rewards, this can be done through the interface

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