Tuesday Tips for Rockin' Relationships!
Hello, and welcome to my Q&A! This is an opportunity to ask your most BURNING question about relationships (romantic or otherwise) and receive free laser coaching!

**Please keep questions SHORT...just one or 2 sentences with NO story! This is valuable training on how to more EFFECTIVELY communicate with men (or women in "hunting mode" - like me) while using LESS detail. ...Trust me here...less is more!

**Your questions will be held 100% confidential and will help me build my classes and coaching programs to help women better understand the needs of men, and vice versa!

**The demographic information (1st question) helps me to preface questions with a description like: "A married 43 year old mother of 2 and business owner in California asks..."

THANK YOU for helping me with this! I will see you on Tuesday at Noon CENTRAL Time (please adjust for your time zone) at: www.facebook.com/groups/EmpoweredRelationshipstoENDtheBattle (GO join now, it's free!)

What is your gender, age or age range, relationship & family status, occupation, and State/Country? ...Just general info needed, (such as Consultant in his 40's, or divorced mother of 2, in Michigan) *
What is your BURNING question about Relationships (romantic or otherwise?) in 2 Sentences or Less! (NO story!) *
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