NatureWorks Summer Camp Registration 2016
Day Camp with some overnight options for 6-15 year olds

Suzuki Violin - players from ages 3-15 are welcome to come play in the prairie with us! Small group lessons will take place throughout the day from experienced violin instructors and tutors. Prior experience with violin needed. Pony riding, gardening, and exploring on the farm are also a part of the experience. Half day or full day options are available for this session.

*FULL* Music Variety - singing, dancing, percussion and more will fill this camp! Explore different music genres and ways of expressing oneself with this playful approach to becoming more engaged with music. No experience necessary.

(Sr. Counselors ages 14-15 may still apply for MUSIC VARIETY by contacting Mandie at



(Sr. Counselors ages 14-15 may still apply for FOUR WINDS by contacting Mandie at

Learn more about Native American culture in this two week session that is led by Michael Wolfe. He will share his heritage through a variety of games, artwork, clothing, dance, language, music, legends and story-telling, food gathering, horse culture, and more!


*FULL* SURVIVAL AND AWARENESS with BJ Spring (June 27 - July 1):

(Sr. Counselors ages 14-15 may still apply for SURVIAL and AWARENESS by contacting Mandie at

One of PRAIRIE HILL's favorite camps, campers will develop their skills in nature through fox-walking, building primitive shelters, awareness and sensory exercises, basket/rope making, and much more . . .


*FULL* for ages 6-9 -- STRETCH, SKETCH, AND SAVOR (July 11 - 22)

(Jr. and Sr. Counselor openings only)

This two-week camp will be full of art, yoga, and cooking experiences. With a bountiful garden for creating mouthful masterpieces, mind + yoga body awareness, and opportunities for making art to inspire humanity - we think this camp will encourage us all to be more connected and creative.


*FULL* for ages 6-9 -- AMAZING ANIMALS (July 25 - August 5):

(Jr. and Sr. Counselor openings only)

This two-week camp will be led by veterinarian, Dr Brittney Riley. It will include plenty of hands on opportunities to learn interesting facts about animals through inquiry and exploration. Campers will come away with more appreciation and experience with all kinds of animal life.


ALL camps at PRAIRIE HILL include daily pony riding, gardening, singing, walks in the pasture, animal care, exploration, afternoon snacks, picnics, and more. Call 402-438-6668 for more information.


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