MedCEEP 2023 Summer Program Application
The Medical Careers Exposure & Emergency Preparedness Program (MedCEEP) will run for eight consecutive Saturdays this summer from 06/24/23 - 08/12/23 at the University of Chicago (924 East 57th Street).

The MedCEEP Summer Program was created as a way to address the lack of available health professionals from underserved communities that suffer from the worst of health disparities. The program provides exposure to various medical careers, guidance on applying into medical professional schools, ongoing clinical education and skills workshops, and mentorship to guide students on how to successfully get into their desired healthcare career.  

Please submit this application form no later than 06/05/2023 at 11:59 pm CST.  Feel free to contact with any questions or visit our website at We look forward to reading your application!
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