Small Grant Application 2021
The En/Route Service-Learning Grant project is an opportunity for students to organize a project based on a community need they understand and can adequately address at their respective placement sites. Past grant awards have ranged between $100 and $500, however, final amounts are based on the number of requests and can vary from year to year. Organizing this project is also an opportunity for deeper learning and involvement at your organization in your second semester.

We encourage anyone wanting to submit a grant to schedule a meeting with your site supervisor to talk about potential project ideas and proposals before submitting your application. For information and examples of past grants, visit the En Route website at

You are encouraged to group up with other people serving at your site, meet with your supervisor, and work to submit one grant. While many of you may have limited experience with event planning and grant writing, please fill out this form to the best of your abilities as part of the learning process.

~ APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, February 19, 5pm
~Applications reviewed: Monday, February 22-Friday, February 26
~ Awardees notified: Monday, March 1, by 5 pm
~Project Implementation: Tuesday, March 2 – Friday, April 23
~Paragraph Project Report & Picture(s) Due: Friday, April 23

*You will be also be required to write a 1 paragraph – 1 page project report, with one or more picture(s), due on Friday, April 23, and should be written in collaboration with your team and the community partner*.

You can contact Sammie Scott email: with any questions about Small Grants
1. Name(s) *
2. Email Address(es) *
3. Phone Number(s) *
4. Organization/Placement Site *
5. Supervisor Name *
6. Supervisor Contact Info (phone number or email) *
7. Project Summary: Please write a detailed description of your project that includes whether or not you intend on working in a group, how much the project will cost, and what the grant funding would be used for. (200-250 words) : *
8. Goals & Needs: Please consider the background and needs of the people in the community. What social injustices does your organization try to address? What goals will this project achieve, and how would they benefit your organization and/or the community? In other words, what need(s) will this project meet? (200 word limit) *
9. Assets of the Community: What are some of the assets of the community you are serving and how will this project bring out the strength of its members? What are talents and resources that are already present within the community, and how will you utilize them? (200 word limit) : *
10. Objectives: What are some measurable and attainable objectives of this project? How will you measure and verify its success? (200 word limit) : *
11. Please include a detailed budget breakdown of how the proposed amount would be spent and how that would be implemented (making sure to work with your site supervisor on implementing) *
12. Please provide a project timeline. List the specific tasks that will need to be completed to implement the project, what date the tasks will be started/completed, and the individual responsible for implementation. This can be put in the form of a chart or expressed in whatever way this makes most sense to you and your community partner. *
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