EXPH: Mermaid Swimming 101
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Mermaid Swimming is getting to be a popular hobby because of the feeling of swimming in the ocean using mermaid tails is like a dream come true for many people who is very much in love with the sea.

At Experience Philippines, we want to make your fantasy dreams come true. Join the MERMAID SWIMMING EXPERIENCE and learn from well trained AIDA Free Divers.

In the mermaid classes, you will get to learn the following:

• An introduction to the mermaid experience
• How to fit your mermaid tail
• Education tail safety and care
• Safety briefing
• Basic swim strokes and breathing techniques
• Freestyle session – a chance to practice your new skills
• A personalized mermaid teacher

MERMAID FEE: Php 1,100 pesos
WHERE: Swimming Pool, Le Grande Tower 2, Eastwood (Ministop and S&R Landmark along Calle Industria)
BRING: Goggles or Snorkel and Mask, a pair of socks, and swimming outfit
SLOTS: 5 For AM Sessions (8AM-12NN) and 5 for PM Session (1PM-5PM)


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Still unsure? Check out this amazing video of one of our Mermaid Experience Swim
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