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Chem-E Car is an engineering design team tasked with building a shoe-box-sized car that is powered and stopped by chemical reactions. We usually compete twice a year in North America. We were founded on 2011 with the purpose of having a design team where Chemical Engineers could contribute directly. We currently have 40 active members with various specialties and coming from diverse origins. We strive for innovation, networking, teamwork, and hands-on experience in a technical and interdisciplinary environment.

We are currently recruiting new members who are willing to participate in developing the car that will compete in the AICHE regionals competition on March 2018. This would imply that you would also attend the yearly Chemical Engineering conference, which is a great opportunity to meet students from other North American universities as well as know about new and pertinent research and industry topics.

Consult our recruitment package for more information on our team and our various sub teams.

Thank you for filling out this interest form! We will contact you shortly and place you in the appropriate Facebook group. We the Chem-E Car team look forward to working with you!

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