Learning Community Selection Form

When you arrive to Cheyney University you will be placed in a Learning Community. A Learning Community is a group of students who share common academic and/or personal interests, participate in activities and programming opportunities together, and may also be enrolled in a similar and related courses.

Read the following Learning Community descriptions carefully then select your top 2 learning community choices. You will be placed in one of the learning communities you selected. Due to limited spacing you may not receive your first choice. If we cannot accommodate your selections you will be placed in the learning community that matches your major.

About My Business: Business:
The Business LC is designed for current and future Business majors to promote academic excellence and develop the student as a dynamic and savvy professional leader. This community will provide students with unique opportunities to expand their business knowledge and skillset while offering special opportunities to network with successful business professionals, faculty, staff and students.

Creative Connections: Communication Arts:
The Creative Connections LC was created for Communication, Graphic Design and Fine Arts majors. This program offers a supportive environment through networking, programs, events, and workshops for students with a shared passion for artistic expression and/or interest in the Communication Arts field.

Each 1 Teach 1: Education:
The Education LC is designed for Education majors who have a desire to serve as a role model and be a “change agent” through education. Students will be exposed to different programs, activities, and current educators and faculty who will share valuable information prior to students entering the classroom setting as a professional. This program creates an educational environment which unites students to the Education Department and their peers.

Hospitality: Hotel Restaurant Tourism Management:
This LC is designed for students who have a passion for a cutting-edge hospitality experience and desire to be prepared for a challenging and rewarding field. Students who are majoring or who have an interest in Hotel Restaurant Tourism and Management will benefit from this LC.

Saving Lives: Red Cross Public Service and Volunteerism:
Students who have a passion to “aspire to turn compassion into action” through community service projects and educating the general public on vital health and safety information, should participate in this LC. Students will be immersed in life-changing opportunities to enhance their humanitarian skills while partnering with the American Red Cross. All majors are welcomed to participate.

Social & Behavioral Sciences:
Students involved in this LC gain knowledge and skills that are necessary to solving many of the world's most pressing social problems. This community offers opportunities for activities, discussions, and guest presenters to shape the collective discussions and affect positive changes through teaching, research and service. Students who chose this community have an interest or are Social Relations and Psychology majors.

STEM: Science Technology Engineering Mathematics:
The STEM LC is for students who are majoring in the Sciences or Mathematics. Students will have the opportunity to receive enhanced and additional support through resources, guest speakers, workshops and activities through Cheyney University and stakeholders in the industry.

Spanish Heritage: Spanish Culture and Language:
Students will be immersed and explore culture-based ideology, resources, customs, language and history to offer an increased appreciation for Spanish heritages. Students will also have the opportunity to collaborate on October’s Hispanic Heritage month activities. This LC is open to all majors.

Transitions: Transfer:
Transfer students will have the opportunity to provide group support through their first year at CU and increase prospects for a smooth transition through leadership for continued personal growth and success. Staff and peers are dedicated to assisting transfer students with making connections throughout Cheyney University and university stakeholders. Each of these unique connections can contribute to an academically rich and rewarding experience and your ultimate success at the university.

Major Visions: Undeclared Majors:
This LC is an exciting opportunity for those students who are still self-exploring or searching for right major. Students are able to participate in various academic and social activities, events and workshops with faculty, staff, and peers to ensure continuity and connection to various majors. This community encourages students to share their dreams and visions for the future. Collaborative assistance is provided to guide students in selecting a major.

Phenomenal Women: Zora Neale Hurston: (Women Only)
This learning community is designed for women only. Zora Neale Hurston is considered by many to be one of the amazing writers of twentieth-century African-American literature. This LC will be immersed and focus on scholarly and exciting contributions by Ms. Hurston and other phenomenal women leaders. Students will have the opportunity to be mentored by faculty through resources, events, activities and discussions focused on issues affecting women.

Malcolm X: (Men Only)
This learning community is designed for men only. This community focuses on the concept of being successful through learning “by any means necessary.” Students will be exposed to various, methods, opportunities and resources to enhance leadership, transition to college life, academic and social development successes via guest speakers, faculty, activities and open discussion.

The following learning communities are by assignment only:

SEEK (Students Eagerly Exploring Knowledge)
This community offers opportunities for leadership enhancement, transition to college life, academic success and getting involved on campus. Students will be focus and have access to resources, staff, faculty, and peers to ensure their academic, social and transitional successes. Students are assigned to this community by University College staff.

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