Exploring the Image
Celebrating Iowa's Heritage through photographic images for K-12 Students in Wapello County
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Student Showcase
Do you like creative and hands-on projects? How about conducting research or using your imagination? Would you be excited to be one of the first K-12 students in the country to utilize a new technology? If you answered yes to any of these, than this project is for YOU! We want you to explore all the possibilities that historical photographs offer by creating an independent project. You’ll pilot a new technology called “Fortepan” and present your work in front of a large audience at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa. The only requirement is that the your work must stem from at least one image from the Michael Lemberger collection (www.mlemberger.com/exploringtheimage.htm) or Fortepan Iowa (www.fortepan.us) .

Some examples for potential projects include, but are not limited to:
1. Write a short fictional story about a photograph
2. Compare and contrast different images
3. Share a personal reaction to a photograph or series of images
4. Historical analysis of the photograph or subject matter
5. Interview an older relative or person about the subject matter of the image(s)
6. Art project (cut and paste collage, animation, video, etc)
7. Use math to explain focal length on camera lenses with different image examples
8. Create a statistical analysis of subject matter in a photograph
9. Use the scientific method to conduct research on a photograph or subject matter of the photograph.
10. Revisit the site of an old photograph and recreate the image showing what is there now
11. Map the geography or topography of the area using aerial and ground-level photos

Deadline for Submission
Pre-registration form due (by mail or electronic) - March 1st, 2017

Projects Completed - April 1st, 2017. Presentation at Bridge View Center TBD

What is Fortepan Iowa?
The first of its kind in the United States, Fortepan Iowa is a digital archive for collecting, displaying, and utilizing Iowa-based photographs between 1860 and 2000. The ever-growing archive takes visitors, image after high resolution image, through a rich and beautiful visual Iowa landscape designed to generate dialogue about social and cultural values, change and continuity, and the evolution of identities and environments within Iowa’s past. All photographs on Fortepan Iowa are licensed under creative commons, making them available for download and use in just about any kind of project imaginable. Wapello County students will be some of the first K-12 students in the United States to experience and use this groundbreaking
The Michael Lemberger Collection
Michael William Lemberger devoted his life to the visual image, as a photographer, as an artist who created detailed pen and ink drawings, as an historian who loved and preserved Ottumwa’s past, and as an archivist who collected and curated the world’s largest privately-held collection of historic photographs. In the coming spring, this collection of over 1.5 million individual pieces will be donated to the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa. This groundbreaking and historic collaboration will usher in a new era of digital studies and opportunities for students, educators, historians, and researchers across the state of Iowa through the digital archive “Fortepan Iowa”. We are inviting you to participate in this celebration of Iowa and showcase the true potential for this gift and collaboration to the public, news agencies, and leaders from across the state.
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