Concerned Citizens Opposed to "Comprehensive" Sex-Ed Curriculum Within JCPS
We, the undersigned JCPS parents, teachers, taxpayers, and other constituents, object to any Board-level or district-wide policy or curricular guidance regarding sex-education. The decision over which approach to sex-education is best for students is left to each school’s SBDM under Kentucky law. In this way, the important role that parents play in their children’s upbringing—especially with regard to the individualistic and religiously and culturally sensitive topics of sexual development, identity, and wellbeing—is more easily respected, which is consistent with the intent of Kentucky law establishing the SBDM structure. Board-level or district-wide “curricular frameworks,” policies, or mandatory teacher trainings based on pre-selected sex-ed curricula are both illegal and wrong-headed.

Rather than leave SBDM councils free to select, develop, and oversee sex-ed curricula, JCPS administrative-level officials have worked with proponents of a one-sided, politically motivated group of activists in deciding that several "Comprehensive Sex Education" (CSE) curricula are appropriate for JCPS students. These officials have turned SBDM councils into rubber stamps for CSE curricula, and have altogether ignored the many expert voices in the local, national, and global debates over sex-education that question CSE's efficacy and appropriateness and that recommend different approaches to sex-education.

Research suggests that many CSE programs include information that most parents do not want presented to their children, and all or most CSE programs include controversial information that goes well beyond that required by Kentucky's broad health standards.

JCPS officials have already managed to begin CSE instruction in many schools. In addition, the JCPS Board currently has before it a proposal to establish a district-wide CSE policy that would purport to govern all SBDM decisions governing sex-ed curriculum going forward.

We respectfully ask:

1. That the JCPS Board of Education and any subcommittees considering sex-ed policy reject such policy as beyond Board- and district-level jurisdiction;

2. That any sex-education instruction based on curricula introduced through mandatory professional development trainings be discontinued, as such curricula has not been properly vetted; and finally,

3. That JCPS discontinue all reference to district-level "curricular framework" on the topic of sex-education, which framework improperly narrows the expansive leeway that Kentucky health standards guarantee to SBDM councils in evaluating and selecting sex-education curriculum.
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