PIBS 504: Rigor and Reproducibility Training (Winter 2020)
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Graduate Students should register via Wolverine Access as they would any other course.

There is no fee for this class, and it will not appear on a university transcript, but you will receive a certificate of completion after meeting all course requirements.This course satisfies NIH mandates to include:

• Transparency in Research
• Blinding and Randomization
• Biological and Technical Replicates
• Sample Size, Outliers and Exclusion Criteria

In addition, PIBS 504 will cover 3 additional topics of relevance for rigor and reproducibility:

• Data Presentation
• Sex as a Biological Variable
• Reagent Verification

Rigor & Reproducibility Training (PIBS 504) is in session every winter from January to April. Course materials are available online through CANVAS (https://umich.instructure.com), and discussion will take place in one two-hour session offered at several different times throughout the semester.

Please see the OGPS Website (https://ogps.med.umich.edu/pibs-courses-504/) for more information.
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