Dark Romance group magnet newsletter builder December 12th - 26th on Story Origin and Book Cave Direct. For dark romances with a heroine that is 18 or older. These can be any sub-genre but clean or sweet Romance won't be accepted. Dark Romance has to be thrilling AND sexy! Erotica accepted but no explicit covers please. Short stories, novellas or novels welcome. Samples accepted but must be at least 3 chapters and a maximum of 5 will be allowed in the promo (as they can frustrate readers). Maximum two books per pen name. This promo includes a $10 gift card prize draw so don't forget to mention this to your readers!
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Now sign up to BOOK CAVE - https://mybookcave.com/signup/?ref=6zdcaxtvq6&is_author=yes. Then click on Account > My Magnets and create a reader magnet (https://mybookcave.com/account/subscriber-magnets/?ref=6zdcaxtvq6). Once you have added your book and created a magnet in My Magnets, click on GENERATE LINK. At the end of that link box there is a group button (near the pencil/edit). Put in this code: 3fe69df3 with no spaces before or after (doing this will allow me to see your subscriber magnet link, so I can add you to the group promotion page). Make sure your magnet is set to REQUIRE EMAIL addresses of people who download your book (sign up options) and that you have INTEGRATED your mailing list. You can click on the pencil/edit to change these settings. You can name or "label" your book magnet anything you want.
If you have any problems with this, please feel free to contact me beccascribe25@gmail.com
More information can be found here: https://mybookcave.com/subscriber-magnet-services/?ref=6zdcaxtvq6
Then come back here and finish the form. IF YOU DON'T SUBMIT THE FORM AND MAKE PAYMENT, I will have to remove your book from the Book Cave promo, even if I have already accepted it, SO PLEASE FINISH!
I have paid $1 via PayPal Friends & Family to beccabentley@ntlworld.com or paypal.me/beccascribe. Please enter your Transaction ID below. *
The Book Cave promo id is 3fe69df3, Link to group promotion page where the books WILL GO LIVE but please don't promote until the right date (starts December 12th) https://mybookcave.com/g/3fe69df3/
Thanks for joining! This is going to be fabulous!
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