GMK White Wolf Zireael Novelty Design IC
CDPR is busy with Cyberpunk 2077 (as you can probably tell from all the delays) and they just don't have the time to focus on licensing their IP for this keycap set.

We have decided to continue with our own design and here are some thoughts about it:

— Witcher Signs are made using the casters fingers, which the dots/circles are meant to represent.
— The lines connect the dots/circles, suggesting how a specific Sign is cast.
— The dots are also a tribute to mechanical keyboards (PCB holes specifically).
— The dots/circles could are also slightly reminiscent of constellations, hence trying to forge a connection with the stars, and magic in turn.
— The spaces between the dots/circles and lines are also in line with that Sword novelty.

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Zireael Novelty Kit Version 3 — "Dot" Design
Zireael Novelty Kit Version 4 — "Circle" Design
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