Brony Bash Panelist Application.
Fill in this form to be an officially scheduled panelist during the convention. Impromptu panels will likely be hosted by others in discord as well, but this puts you on the big stage away from discord viewer limitations.
Email address *
Name / Alias *
Discord # tag *
Panel name *
What is your panel about? *
A short description about your panel, and what we can expect from it.
Why should your panel be chosen as an officially promoted panel during Kalamazoo Brony Bash?
Get creative, if you don't know ask some friends. Friendship is magic after all! Optional because I know not everyone is good at explaining.
Is your panel AD content? *
After Dark, NSFW. If the kiddos shouldn't be seeing it then perhaps you should check yes on this. This includes excessive swearing for panelists. If you or your mates expect to drop more than 1 F bomb please mark it as NSFW.
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