SIG Meet & Greet Representatives
The SIG Meet and Greet is a great place for SIGs and WGs to recruit contributors, and every SIG / WG is being asked to send one or more experienced members to the Meet and Greet to represent your SIG / WG. Representatives should complete this Google Form to help us track who will be attending for each SIG / WG. These representatives are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the SIG Meet & Greet and stay for the duration. We don't have the exact timing for the SIG Meet and Greet yet, but it will be during the Contributor Summit, most likely be after 3pm, on Monday, November 18.

As part of the Contributor Summit SIG Meet and Greet, SIGs and WGs will have easy access to:
* experienced Kubernetes contributors who are interested in expanding their involvement into new SIGs / WGs.
* new contributors, many of whom have extensive experience from other projects, and are excited to get started in Kubernetes after attending a New Contributor Workshop.
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