Key personality traits and drivers for effective entrepreneurs from an investors point of view
A topic that is intriguing to us all in the startup and investor space is the traits determining an effective entrepreneur.

We would love to know what you think are the top personality traits, qualities and drivers to make an effective founder/ entrepreneur?

What we mean by an effective founder/ entrepreneur is how a 'good' entrepreneur deals with their business struggling or losing traction, an entrepreneur having to make difficult choices (e.g. winding down their business rather than running it into the ground/staying in zombie limbo) or even what's needed to grow the business and succeed.

Some suggested traits below for you to select from but feel free to add more that you think are absolutely relevant.

Please only add your response if you are an investor who has invested in startups independently or as part of an organisation for a more representative data sample.

Thank you
Startup Autopsy Team

What type of investor do you most closely identify with:
How many companies are in your current venture/angel portfolio?
Have you had portfolio startup(s) that have been successful? i.e. exited
Have you had any startup(s) that have failed?
What do you think are the key personality traits and drivers for an entrepreneur?
Have you seen a difference in traits between failed and successful entrepreneurs?
Please state the traits that you found to be different between each type of entrepreneur (failed vs successful)
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