Mountain View Summer Camp - 2019 New Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in ministering at Mountain View Summer Camp where creation, creator, and staff join together to help young people explore the beauty of living a life with Jesus.

You could be a part of the most amazing outreach into children's lives.

I am thrilled you are interested in working at Mountain View Summer Camp (MVSC) for the 2019 season.
Your life will be transformed by Jesus at camp.
Prayerfully consider a future at MVSC.

Be sure to fill out the form carefully.
Interviews will be scheduled as I am in the town, school or church you live.
It may require you to drive for a meeting.
There are rare times an interview will need to be over the phone.
Whichever avenue I look forward to getting acquainted with you.
Since MVSC is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church priority will be given to Adventists.
We also accept applications from those who are not of the Adventist Church but have attended MVSC.
There is a priority process for hiring as follows:

1. College students on an Adventist college are given top priority.
2. Adventist Students in other colleges
3. Adventist Young Adults who are ages 18-30 who are not in college living in British Columbia
4. Previous Campers at Mountain View Summer Camp who are post-secondary.
5. Adventist High School students ages 18-19
6. Adventist Young Adults living outside the country and have permission to work in BC. (i.e., Commonwealth citizens)

Each staff member is expected to teach an activity, clean, counsel and care for campers.
We have specialized positions in the Kitchen where you may not be required to counsel.
We are currently in search of a CHA certified Equine person.

If hired in 2019 all documentation must be submitted before arrival at camp.

Criminal Record Check
Proof Of Citizenship Copy
Social Insurance Card Copy
Online Payroll transit number - official bank statement
Drivers Abstract
Standard First Aid/CPR/AED
Health Care Card Number
T-Shirt Size
Jacket Size
Taken the Sexual Harassment Course offered by the North American Division.
If applying to be on the outdoor group, you must attend the Adventure Works training for the out ropes course.

Dates to know
Burman Interviews January 27-28, 2019
New Staff Hires deadline - March 11, 2019 (Some might be hired after the date if more hires are needed.

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Citizenship *
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If other than Canadian, do you have authorization to work in Canada?
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Degree/Career you are pursuing
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Level of Education completed this year
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Current School Attending *
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School Address
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Staff Jacket and T-shirt size *
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Have you ever been a camper? If yes, Where? How Long? *
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Why do you want to work at Mountain View Summer Camp? *
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Why should Mountain View Summer Camp consider hiring you? *
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What are you exploring and learning about God and/or yourself in your personal relationship and life? *
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How do you share Jesus with others? *
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What areas are you qualified to teach? *
Programming Questions (A-D)
At summer camp one of many children's highlights are our evening programs. If hired, we would like to know where you gage in the following questions a to d but are not limited to only programming purposes. Please note that everyone will have an important role to play in the program whether onstage or backstage.
A. Describe yourself *
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B. How much do you like being on stage? *
Prefer not to be onstage
Second Nature
C. Select all that you would be interested in and/or experienced in *
D. Name your favourite childhood story, book, play or anything along the lines and BRIEFLY explain why *
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Certifications and Legal Documents *
Please check appropriate. You will need to provide a copy of your original upon acceptance for employment
Your Present Health
Home Church *
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Pastor's Name *
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Name of Parent(s) or Guardian(s) *
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Reference #1 - Name, email, Phone number *
Provide reference not in your family
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Reference #2 - Name, email, Phone number *
Provide school staff or employer
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Reference #3 *
Provide adult reference not a family member
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I hereby authorize Mountain View Summer Camp to contact all prior employers and any references listed herein to verify all information provided and to obtain any and all information related to my character and past work performance. I further hereby release all references and prior employers from any liability for information provided in good faith. *
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