Pathfinder Summer Workshops!
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Thank you for your interest in our summer workshops! We are busy making sure our workshops are ready for some much needed fun! These workshops are designed for individuals with mild/moderate developmental or intellectual disabilities aged 16+ and taught by individuals with experience working with those with disabilities.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FORM IS AN APPLICATION, and completion of this form does not guarantee a space in the workshop. Enrollment will be made on a first-come first served basis.

At this time, all workshops are scheduled to be provided virtually (online). If circumstances change and a workshop is able to provide the activity/instruction onsite, we will inform the registrants of the option to attend onsite or virtually.

Most of our workshops will focus on career readiness to explore potential skills and interests ranging from painting to web design. If the required enrollment minimums are not met, the workshop will be rescheduled or cancelled (and money refunded if a payment has been made). Workshops are designed to be playful and fun to engage and interest participants. Care has been given to break down the activities to foster independence so that familial support should not be needed in most circumstances. (See the Pathfinder summer webpage for more details on each workshop).

RATIOS: Ratios will vary depending on the type of workshop and method of instruction. Workshop ratios will not exceed 10:3 (participants/instructors), although many will have smaller group ratios. Reading workshops, for example, will use a ratio of approximately 5:2.

Workshops working with materials (for example painting, crafts, etc.) will provide kits that families can pick up the week before the workshop..

1. Will San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) pay for these?
For eligible applicants, the San Diego Regional Center may pay up to four (4) workshops this summer. Please speak to your SDRC Service coordinator to see if you are eligible for funding. If you are, the SDRC will create a "purchase of service" and send that to Beacons to cover the costs of the workshop. The SDRC will need our vendor information to create the purchase of service. The Beacons vendor code is: PY1700, Code: 102, Subcode: Mini.

2. Paying part or all on your own?
Because of our Board's fundraising efforts throughout the year to support our summer program, we are able to keep the hourly rates to $15 an hour.

Please email

Thank you for your time completing this form. We will review it after you submit it and contact you to discuss steps towards completion of the enrollment process, and any payment needed to secure a space.

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MEDICAL: Does the applicant have any medical issues that may impair or impede learning (e.g. seizures)? IF SO, please explain the nature of the medical issue, and what, if any, measures need to be in place if the workshop is onsite. (If none, please state NONE).
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