Addwit Reading Groups
It is not a book that changes the world; it is READING a book that does.

Reading alone is one type of pleasure; reading together can take the impact of reading to the next level; especially when we follow a definite path and goal.

Addwit Reading Groups are such "flocks" where we READ FOR PURPOSE. You can quickly make an Addwit Reading Group:

1 - You can have a name (an identity) for your ARG
2 - Min-Max Group size = 5-8 (Spouse can be counted 2). Guests can join in.
3 - Get book on special discounted rates from Addwit. Each ARG must have at least five copies of book that we are reading simultaneously.
4 - Be part of large-scale simultaneous reading of one / few books
5 - Meet among yourself every week at least once (or maximum 3 group sessions / week)
6 - Access to Forums on Addwit (access open for Addwit Reading Groups only)
7 - Author sessions at your ARG can be arranged. Authors'' Online Group also available.

One of the objective of Addwt Reading group is DE-DIGITALIZATION - to cut negative effect of addiction to devices.

We have set up a list of 250 books to "read together" over next 10 years. Transformation in the quality of life is assured when you go through the process.

Reading alone is more or less tough. Reading together in small groups holds the future.

Start with complete confidence today.
SECTION 1 - Your / Group Coordinator Details
SECTION 2 - Group Basics (if applicable)

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Currently (March 2022-June 2022) we are reading together and forming groups for Addwit Vyavsaay Upanishad.
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