UTGSU Transit Survey
The objective of this survey is to assess the public transportation usage of graduate students and the need for a TTC transit Pass.

In March 2018, the TTC Board approved a plan of action to introduce a discounted post-secondary TTC pass. Any Toronto-based post-secondary institution can join this scheme, given that students approve it via a referendum. This Survey does not constitute a referendum. We expect the data obtained will shed more light into the transit situation of all UofT graduate students.

Please note that the numbers used in this survey are approximate, and in no way definite.

A random draw for four $50 Gift Cards will be conducted among the UofT Graduate Students who participate in this survey.

Which is your primary campus? *
How far from campus do you live? *
What is your primary mode of transportation to campus? (The one you use the most) *
Select the public transportation service(s) you use to commute to campus *
How much time do you spend commuting to campus? (One way) *
Do you regularly buy a monthly TTC pass? *
Would you buy a TTC monthly pass if it was available for $70? *
How would owning a TTC pass affect your graduate student experience at UofT? *
If a discounted TTC pass were to be included in the tuition, without an opt-out option, will you support this initiative? ( annual tuition increase of $560 ) *
Are you currently receiving a funding package from the University? *
Are you a full time or a part time student? *
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