Khirbet el-'Eika Excavations - 2018 Season Application Form
Please fill in this form in order to ensure your participation in the 2018 season at Khirbet el-EIka.
In order to confirm your participation in Khirbet el-'Eika Excavations, Please send a $100 deposit (by snail-mail, see below).

Your application form will be processed and registration confirmation will be sent to you when the deposit has been received in our office.

The deposit is nonrefundable! It is the only means by which one may insure their place on the excavation! The deposit will be deducted from the final payment.

Personal Information
In order to arrange the insurance issues, please make sure you fill in your full name, date of birth and passport number.
First name:
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Date of birth:
Passport number:
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Emergency contact information:
Health insurance:
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Statement of health and insurance status:
I hereby state that I have complete health, accident, and personal possessions (theft and damage) insurance, valid in Israel. I have been pronounced by my doctor and my insurance program to be medically fit and up to the exertions of manual work in hot climate. I am aware that should the above statement be untrue, I would have no claim for compensation from the Kh. el-'Eika Excavations: Hellenistic Galilee Project, its supporting institutions, or any of its members.
Profession & skills:
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Excavations experience:
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Additional skills:
Archaeological/ Architectural Drafting
Architectural conservation/ construction/ related skills
The excavation team will be based at Arbel Holiday Homes (right below the site, 7 km from Tiberias) in wooden cabins with a kitchenette, private bathroom, air-conditioning, TV and a porch. Volunteers will stay 3 per two-room cabin.
Swimming pool, sauna and TV room are also available.
The prices include full room and board from Sunday morning check in through Thursday afternoon check out from the cabins as well as all excavation related activities, field trips and lectures.

Price list:
One week: $550;
Two weeks: $1000;
Three weeks: $1470;
Four weeks: $1880;
Five weeks: $2250.

Weekends: Volunteers who are planning on staying at the Arbel Holiday Homes over the weekend (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights) may stay in the cabins at the rate of 750 NIS per cabin, per night (regardless of the number of people who stay in the cabin). Another option is to stay in the staff's cabin, (which has much less amenities), for free. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will require extra nights in the regular cabins.

Duration of stay:
First week (June 24-29)
Second week (July 1-6)
Third week (July 8-13)
Forth week (July 15-20)
Fifth week (July 22-27)
Stay in a cabin (extra payment)
Stay in the staff's cabin (free)
First weekend (June 29-30)
Second weekend (July 6-7)
Third weekend (July 13-14)
Forth weekend (July 13-14)
Manner of payment:
All checks, money orders, etc. should be made out to: ARBEL HOLIDAY HOMES - KONWITZ
Send care of:
Mr. Roi Sabar
Hellenistic Galilee Project
Institute of Archaeology Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
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