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Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this brief survey after watching one (or more) of the videos below that give you a glimpse into why women say YES to the Mary Kay opportunity. Once you complete the survey, we'll do a quick follow up with you and your consultant will send you a small thank you gift AND you will be entered into the drawing for the Kate Spade bag (pictured below) to be given away at the end of June! Below is my photo so you know who is calling to follow up after you've completed the survey. I hope you are staying safe and healthy and taking good care of yourself and your loved ones. Thank you SO much for your time!

Anna Sempeles (Mary Kay Independent Sales Director)
Anna Sempeles
Kate Spade Handbag to be given AWAY!
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Why I love my Mary Kay. (I'm really not singing! lol)
#1 Meet Leah: A mom and wife and former elementary school teacher
#2 Meet Jamie: Started Mary Kay as a skeptical 20-yr old in college student who was afraid of public speaking and didn't think she was the "sales type"
#3 Meet Gloria Mayfield Banks' Directors: Powerful leaders who came into Mary Kay for all different reasons, some choosing Mary Kay as a 2nd career
#4 Meet Heidi: Mid-western Pastor's wife shares about Mary Kay's relevance
#5 Meet Karime: Latina mom shares her inspiring WHY story
#6 Meet Stephanie: "Tomboy" mom from CA, states she was the "least likely candidate" to sell Mary Kay.
#7 Meet Leah & her tribe to hear their why's.
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There are now 2 options for starting your business!!! You can join with the traditional kit for $100 OR for just $30 you can get the VIRTUAL eStart Kit. The eStart kit will get you on our team and give you all the tools you need to work virtually, including a website and the ability to process credit cards through ProPay AND your 50% discount...but NO products or samples. The first photo shows the $100 kit. You also have the option of purchasing BOTH for only $130 which is REALLY the BEST value. Which sounds best for you?
Starter Kit contents:
eStart Option
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